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Headquarters of the Veszprém Regional Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (VEAB)

Veszprém, Hungary




The headquarters of VEAB, the Veszprém Academic Headquarters is at 37 Vár utca in the former house of Canon Dravecz built between 1769 and 1773 in Louis-seize style. The historic building originally owned by the Church was secularized in 1953 and put into the charge of the town council. At first it housed a primary school, later private flats. Administratively, it was handed over to the Academic Centre in 1975. The building, after being converted and restored, was officially inaugurated on 19 July 1978.

The Veszprém Centre of the Academy was founded under government resolution 48/1972 by the Presidium of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at a session in September 1972. The steering committee of the Academy commissioned the Centre to organize scientific life in the Northern Transdanubian region within the framework of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. According to the decision of the Academy, the Centre has created a network of academic committees now regarded as the regional organization of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Northern Transdanubia. This organization is made up of specialist and working committees with the participation of experts in the region.

Contact Methods:
Address: Vár u. 37, Veszprém, H-8200, Hungary
Telephone: (36)-88-428859


Transportation tips for Budapest Airport to VEAB:
Option 1: Hire a van at the Liszt Ferenc airport, then drive to VEAB. It's the most convenent and most expensive way to come to Veszprem.
Option 2: Take a taxi to the Nepliget coach terminal (Budapest), and take a coach to Veszprem, they run every hour. The coach takes you about 10 EUR to Veszprem and you can walk from the coach station to VEAB in 15 minutes. The walking map can be found from: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZjbUoD41GxAlhsOfTC2RbmuHFk4&usp=sharing .